A new toothpaste and sonic toothbrush designed for complete oral health

10% Nanohydroxyapatite + 10% Xylitol  + 1.5% L-Arginine  =   100% Protection

Appafresh nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and prebiotic mouth rinse are made without fluoride, harnessing the power of scientifically proven ingredients for increased tooth remineralization and better oral health.

Offering Fluoride-Free Toothpaste & a Sonic Toothbrush for Effective Tooth Remineralization.

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What is Appafresh?

Fluoride has been the most well-known preventatives used in American oral healthcare for decades. While it's beneficial in tooth remineralization, recent advances in dental research show that there are other ingredients that can help regenerate tooth enamel.

Appafresh harnesses these new ingredients, including hydroxyapatite, xylitol, and arginine. These scientifically proven components are at the forefront of dental innovation, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining optimal oral health and keeping your smile bright and shining for years to come.

This groundbreaking leap in dental care was developed exclusively by a practicing dentist with extensive experience in replacing lost or damaged teeth and oral tissue. To help offer a more supportive at-home oral cleaning routine, the Appafresh formulation is available in both nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and mouthwash format.

Smile Renewal Plans

The Appafresh Sonic Toothbrush

In addition to offering oral care products like mouthwash and toothpaste, we’ve produced our own sonic toothbrush.

The Appafresh sonic toothbrush delivers 15x more brushstrokes per minute than a traditional toothbrush, removing 10x more plaque. It’s fast, quiet, and capable of working for 90 days on a single charge. Imagine a sonic toothbrush you only have to plug in to charge 4 times a year!

Our toothbrush comes with three different intensity settings as well as 5 different cleaning modes: clean, sensitive, gum care, polish, and whitening.

A Dentist's Journey to Improved Oral Health

As a board-certified prosthodontist, I have over 30 years of experience with tooth, enamel, and tissue loss. These issues are expensive, time-consuming, and painful to remedy, and many of the at-home tools and techniques we rely on to protect our oral health are no longer doing enough.

That's why I founded Appafresh, an oral care company focused on scientifically proven and effective products that help safeguard your oral health. Our current n-ha toothpaste formulation was developed in my office at Balboa Island Dentistry and is a product of my years of experience and my commitment to ongoing innovation and research.

In my work, smiles reflect transformation, and I'm here as a sincere and committed guide to help you on your journey to a healthier and more confident smile.

The Benefits of Appafresh

Explore the benefits of oral hygiene products formulated with scientifically proven active ingredients that help freshen breath, remineralize teeth, and support ongoing tooth enamel health.

Free From Fluoride

Appafresh toothpaste doesn't just clean your teeth – it helps remineralize them, a process that helps strengthen and improve the resilience of teeth.

How does it work? It's all about hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring element that fortifies and revitalizes teeth, providing protection without the health concerns associated with fluoride. Our teeth’s natural enamel is 97% hydroxyapatite, making it one of the most naturally effective remineralizing ingredients available

Banish Tooth Decay

Another active ingredient in Appafresh is xylitol, a trusted chemical compound that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes cavities. By using Appafresh daily, less of these bacteria can survive on the surface of our teeth.

Nurturing Nature's Defenders

While brushing with Appafresh toothpaste helps encourage tooth enamel remineralization, the fusion of science and nature continues with our prebiotic mouth rinse. This solution supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, bolstering your oral well-being and protecting against decay.

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Improve Your Oral Health Naturally

Hello, I'm Stephen Alfano. Welcome to Appafresh, an oral care company where we blend science and effective healthy products to prioritize your oral health. Here, smiles reflect transformation, and I'm here as a committed dentist to guide that journey.

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A Dentist's Journey

In the heart of my dental practice, I undertook a mission to revolutionize oral healthcare. As a practicing dentist, my path led to the development of an exceptional formula, A toothpaste born from innovation and a sincere commitment to your health.
I formulated it in my office and remain committed to its ongoing refinement. Here, at Balboa Island Dentistry, Appafresh came into existence.

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Free From Fluoride

Consider a fluoride-free toothpaste that prioritizes your oral health. Appafresh toothpaste is not just a cleaner; it's a remineralizing solution. How does it work? It's all about hydroxyapatite, a natural element that strengthens and revitalizes teeth, providing protection without the concerns associated with fluoride.

Start Your Journey to Better Oral Health

Better oral health is within your grasp. Make your next visit to the dentist easier by switching to Appafresh nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and mouthwash today

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Nurturing Nature's Defenders

Our journey continues with the fusion of science and nature. I'd like to introduce our prebiotic mouth rinse, a testament to our commitment to your overall health. This elixir supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, bolstering your oral well-being and protecting against decay.

If you have any questions regarding our products, shipping, or oral hygiene, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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