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Unleash the benefits of Appafresh toothpaste using a sonic toothbrush with 10x the plaque removal power.

Why choose the Appafresh toothbrush?

Appafresh’s new sonic toothbrush was made to be used in conjunction with our uniquely formulated nanohydroxyapatite toothpaste and mouthwash.

Together, these oral care products offer 10x the plaque removal power, leading to better overall oral health.

  • Fresher breath
    When you’re working with a more powerful cleaning tool, it’s easier to eliminate the plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • 10x plaque removal
    Compared to manual brushes, electric toothbrushes are better at removing plaque, and a sonic toothbrush is even more powerful. The sonic agitation in your mouth helps make it harder for plaque to adhere.
  • Reduce gum disease
    Sonic waves help the active cleaning agents in toothpaste penetrate the gum line, reducing gum disease that can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, and even heart disease.
  • Five different modes allow for custom use
    Many people don’t like the single-setting power intensity of electric toothbrushes. Our sonic toothbrush has five unique settings, so finding a mode that works for you is easy.
  • Easy to use
    The Appafresh toothbrush has an automated 2-minute Smart timer with a 30-second interval indicator.

Features and Specs

  • A powerful motor offers strong, stable performance
  • 2-minute Smart timer with a 30-second interval indicator
  • Capable of generating between 31,000 and 40,000 strokes per minute for optimal cleaning effect
  • 2000mAh lithium-ion battery lasts at least 90 days on a single charge*
  • Five modes: Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Polish, and Whiten)
  • Three intensity settings
  • Fully charged in 4-6 hours with most charging types

*Based on clean mode, 4 mins use/day.


Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

When it comes to maintaining optimal oral hygiene, brushing our teeth regularly is essential. It keeps our mouth fresh and prevents various dental problems from arising. While manual toothbrushes have been the norm for centuries, technology has introduced us to a more advanced oral care tool: the electric toothbrush. Here are some of the benefits of electric toothbrushes:

1. Enhanced Plaque Removal

One of the primary advantages offered by electric toothbrushes is their ability to remove plaque more effectively than manual toothbrushes. This is achieved through their oscillating or rotating brush heads, which move at precise speeds to effectively dislodge plaque from the teeth and gums. Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes can remove up to 21% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, significantly improving overall oral hygiene.

2. Consistent and Efficient Brushing Technique

Maintaining the proper brushing technique is crucial for optimal oral health. However, many individuals struggle to achieve this consistently with a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes come equipped with built-in timers and pressure sensors that help users brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes, ensuring they give equal attention to all areas of their mouth. Additionally, these devices often feature various brushing modes, such as a gentle mode for sensitive teeth or a deep cleaning mode for a thorough cleaning, allowing users to tailor their brushing experience according to their specific needs.

3. Improved Gum Health

Neglecting gum health can lead to problems such as gum disease or recession, resulting in tooth loss if left unaddressed. Electric toothbrushes significantly benefit gum health through oscillating or rotating bristle movements. The gentle but effective action stimulates blood flow to the gums, promoting healthy gum tissue and preventing gum-related issues. Studies have shown that individuals using electric toothbrushes experience a decrease in gum bleeding and inflammation, indicating an overall improvement in gum health.

4. Ideal for Individuals with Limited Mobility

For individuals with limited mobility, such as those with arthritis or motor impairments, manual toothbrushes can be challenging to maneuver effectively. Electric toothbrushes offer a practical solution by minimizing the physical effort required for a thorough cleaning. With the simple press of a button, the electric toothbrush takes care of the brushing motion, making it easier for individuals with limited dexterity to maintain their oral hygiene. This accessibility factor allows everyone, regardless of physical limitations, to achieve excellent oral care and reap the benefits of brushing.

5. Motivation for Better Oral Care

One of the reasons individuals may not adhere to proper oral care is due to a lack of motivation or interest in the process. Electric toothbrushes often incorporate features designed to engage and motivate users. These can include smartphone applications that provide real-time feedback on brushing technique, achievement badges for consistent use, or even built-in entertainment options such as music or games to transform brushing into a more enjoyable experience. This added element of fun and gamification can encourage individuals, especially children, to brush regularly and correctly.

6. Recommended by Dental Professionals

Electric toothbrushes have gained the endorsement of dental professionals worldwide. Dentists and hygienists often recommend electric toothbrushes as a valuable tool to improve oral health and reduce the risk of dental problems. Many studies have confirmed the superiority of electric toothbrushes in removing plaque, reducing gum inflammation, and enhancing overall oral hygiene. Their effectiveness, coupled with the added features and benefits, make them a popular choice for dental professionals and their patients alike.

Electric toothbrushes undoubtedly offer numerous advantages over their manual counterparts. With their ability to enhance plaque removal, promote consistent and efficient brushing technique, improve gum health, cater to individuals with limited mobility, provide motivation, and gain the recommendation of dental professionals, it is no wonder they have become increasingly popular. By investing in an electric toothbrush, you can elevate your oral care routine to new heights, ensuring a healthier smile and happier visits to your dentist.


Harness the power of Appafresh toothpaste

The Appafresh toothpaste was designed to be used with the Appafresh toothbrush. Since you only need to use a pea-sized amount every time you brush, our sonic toothbrush helps you take advantage of the cleaning power of Appafresh without breaking the bank.

Appafresh toothpaste

Start Your Journey to Better Oral Health

Better oral health is within your grasp. Make your next visit to the dentist easier by using the Appafresh sonic toothbrush to banish plaque and bacteria and revitalize gums and teeth.